The altogether services provided are concentrated upon serving the needs of the contemporary pharmacist.

Constantly investing in new technologies, the company has designed the online ordering, an application which eliminates the hold-up on the call centre and provides the pharmacist the actual inventory level in real time, without replacing the human factor or diminishing the quality service.

The company holds a vast stock of parapharmaceutical products at enticing prices, while OTC and regular medicine quotations take place on a regular basis in cost-effective offers, bolstering the profitability and competitiveness of pharmacy-customers.

In order for the delivery to be executed precisely and quickly, the warehouse is equipped with wireless latest technology terminals with a barcode reader image with machine scanning product codes(RF scanners), where all deliveries are being controlled while being conducted, whereas the distribution of products is being held by following the practice FIFO (First In First Out)

In order for the company to meet the needs of immediate service, regular itineraries have been scheduled during pharmacy opening hours. The distribution is being held by the company’s cars whereas the perishable products are kept in special packaging for their adequate delivery.

As far as ensuring public health, the company implements a return programme of expiry medicine twice a year by law.